Low Oil Prices Haddam CT

Oil Prices Haddam CT

Low Oil Prices Windsor CT

When you’re searching for Low Oil Prices in Windsor CT, you may find many different answers and not know where to turn. However, we’re here to share that E-Z Oil Company is the most reliable oil and affordable oil company East of the river. We proudly bring low oil prices to Windsor CT, and all surrounding towns. We’ve been trusted by Windsor residents for decades and are excited to showcase our unbeatable heating oil prices. At  E-Z, we post our pricing for new Automatic Customer Specials, and offer Senior, Veteran and Military customer discounts.

Our Location

To continue, we deliver oil to you, but we’re conveniently located in Manchester. E-Z Oil has provided oil service and delivery to your friends and neighbors for over three decades. Our customers recognize us for low oil prices, but stay for the unparalleled customer service. Our home heating oil professionals at E-Z Oil are waiting to provide you with the low oil prices and service you’ve been waiting for. Additionally, we offer families many money saving options. As us today about our low price specials!

Automatic Delivery

If you live in Eastern Connecticut and need the highest quality home heating low at the best price, rely on E-Z Oil to be your trusted local company. We encourage new members to sign up for automatic delivery, so you’ll never be without oil. This home heating oil option also saves you more money! In addition, we offer several other ways to maximize your savings. We value all customers, but provide discounts to seniors, veterans, and active duty military discounts. When you sign up as a new customer and agree to our terms of use, you will automatically qualify. Besides heating oil delivery, E-Z Oil Company also offers our automatic delivery customers with several other full-service heating equipment maintenance and repair options.

24/7 Emergency Services

Are you having an oil emergency? E-Z Oil Company wants to ensure our customers comfort at all time. We care about your safety and comfort, so we offer 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency services. When you do business with E-Z Oil, you’ll be able to take advantage of our cost effective monthly budget oil plans. We want to be the company you trust to keep your family comfortable all year long. Call 860-645-3758 today and speak with one of our expert heating professionals.

Low Oil Prices | Windsor CT | E-Z Oil Company

Oil Prices Marlborough East Hartford Enfield

Oil Prices Marlborough East Hartford Enfield

Oil Prices Marlborough East Hartford Enfield

If you’d like to learn more about the Oil Prices in Marlborough, East Hartford, and Enfield, then keep reading! E-Z Oil is Hartford County’s leading oil distributor. We are here to assist you in saving as much money possible on your home’s heating and cooling costs. To do so, we strongly advise our customers to enroll in automatic home oil delivery. For busy homes, the automatic home oil supply is excellent. As of May 27, 2022, the rate of oil/gallon is $5.399. As a benefit of working with E-Z oil, we offer discounted rates on our automated delivery service. To view current oil trends, you can view this chart.

Automatic Oil Delivery Saves You Money

When you sign up for this convenient service, a fuel truck will bring oil to your home immediately whenever you run out. You’ll never have to worry about running out of oil, and your home will always have a regular supply. Furthermore, automatic delivery is less expensive than purchasing it by the gallon! Keep reading more more benefits of choosing E-Z Oil Automatic Delivery Service:

  1. First fill up to 250 gallons at a discounted price
  2. Receive priority delivery and service especially during winter
  3. We keep track of when you need oil – no need to watch your oil gauge
  4. Budget Plan for automatic delivery available
  5. Consistent good prices
  6. Never worry about running out of oil
  7. Accept credit and debit cards
  8. Senior and veterans discount
  9. Military Discount
  10. Service and furnace tune ups available

Monthly Budget Plans

If you want to save money on your oil costs, the E-Z Oil Monthly Budget Plan is another great option. Customers who sign up for our monthly budget plan save more money on their heating expenses every month.

Furthermore, there’s no obligation to sign a contract, so you can cancel at any time. So, if you’re looking to save on monthly costs, give us a call now! Ask about the EZ Home Oil Monthly Budget Plan.

Is it Environmentally Friendly?

The phrases “oil” and “environmentally friendly” don’t typically go well together. However, you might be surprised to learn oil boilers emit significantly less CO2 than standard gas systems. If a neighborhood can come together to order oil, then the emissions from the ship will be reduced. EZ Oil can help you achieve that!

To conclude, We offer same-day delivery and comprehensive service to repeat customers. We’ve been in the oil business since 1989, and understand the industry far better than our competitors. To talk with one of our qualified heating technicians, call 860-645-3758 today.

Oil Prices | Marlborough | East Hartford | Enfield

Oil Prices – Manchester CT, South Windsor CT

Oil Prices – Manchester CT, South Windsor CT

Heating oil prices Manchester CT, South Windsor CT, are always fluctuating. At E-Z Oil Company, we are committed to selling the best oil at the lowest prices. Oil prices are affected by many factors, some of which you may not have even thought about before.

1.     Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is the first and most important factor that affects oil prices. When there is more demand for oil than there is supply, oil prices go up. This happens because people are willing to pay a higher price to get their hands on it, so sellers can charge more. The opposite is also true; when there is more supply than demand, oil price goes down. This is because people are not willing to pay as much for it, so sellers have to lower their prices in order to sell it.

2.     Political instability

Another factor that affects oil prices is political instability. When a country is experiencing political unrest, it can be difficult for businesses operating to produce oil, and the supply is therefore reduced. This pushes up prices because there is not as much of it available for people to buy.

3.     Speculation and Speculators

Speculation and speculators is another important factor affecting prices; they can push them in either direction depending on what they believe will happen next. When speculators think the price of oil is going to go up, they will buy as much of it as they can so that they can sell it later at a higher price. This can cause the oil prices in Manchester, CT, to go up or down very quickly, depending on how much speculation is going on at any given time.

4.      OPEC

The Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a cartel made up of many different countries that produce oil. OPEC often uses its power to control oil prices by restricting or increasing the amount of oil available to be bought and sold. When OPEC decides to increase the supply, the oil price goes down because there is more of it available; when OPEC decides to decrease the supply, the price of oil goes up because there is less of it available.

Why Choose Us As Your Oil Delivery Partner?

E-Z Oil is a company has you covered no matter what happens. We offer various services to suit your needs, so whether the oil prices go up or down, we’ve got you covered! We even offer same-day delivery and full service for repeat clients. So, if you’ve been looking for a company that can provide the best oil and propane delivery services, give E-Z Oil a try! Call 860-645-3758 today.

Oil Prices | Manchester CT, South Windsor CT | E-Z Oil Company


Oil Prices – Vernon CT

Oil Prices – Vernon CT

When you are concerned about rising oil prices Vernon CT, we suggest getting your heating oil from E-Z Oil Company. Our programs are designed to save our customers money when heating their homes this winter. There is no source of heating as misunderstood as heating oil. Several misconceptions revolve around oil, which causes many people to steer clear of oil when it comes to heating systems. Let us briefly discuss a few facts and myths of heating oil

Is it Dangerous?

Any heating system can be a potential hazard if not maintained properly. Whether gas-fueled, oil-fueled, or electric, every heating system needs to be looked after and serviced properly and at correct intervals. A properly maintained system is not more dangerous than any other heating system you can install. Make sure to get your boiler inspected and serviced regularly by qualified technicians, and you will keep your system and house at very low risk.

Is it Expensive?

Many believe that heating oil is one of the most expensive methods to heat your home. However, this is not always true. What is true is that oil prices continually fluctuate. One day can mean high prices; other days, you can buy oil at really bargain prices. The best approach to keeping costs low is one that many heating oil users follow. They buy in bulk when the prices are low and use it when they are rising.

Is it Safe for the Environment?

The words oil and environment friendly do not seem to go together well. But you might be surprised to know that oil boilers produce much less carbon dioxide than traditional gas systems. If a neighborhood can come together and order oil together, that will help reduce emissions from the tanker. If you are looking to buy oil at competitive prices, we at E-Z Oil offer same-day delivery and full service for repeat clients. We have been in the oil business since 1989 and know and understand oil much better than our competitors. Call 860-645-3758 today and speak with one of our expert heating professionals.

Oil Prices | Vernon CT | E-Z Oil Company