When you are concerned about rising oil prices Vernon CT, we suggest getting your heating oil from E-Z Oil Company. Our programs are designed to save our customers money when heating their homes this winter. There is no source of heating as misunderstood as heating oil. Several misconceptions revolve around oil, which causes many people to steer clear of oil when it comes to heating systems. Let us briefly discuss a few facts and myths of heating oil

Is it Dangerous?

Any heating system can be a potential hazard if not maintained properly. Whether gas-fueled, oil-fueled, or electric, every heating system needs to be looked after and serviced properly and at correct intervals. A properly maintained system is not more dangerous than any other heating system you can install. Make sure to get your boiler inspected and serviced regularly by qualified technicians, and you will keep your system and house at very low risk.

Is it Expensive?

Many believe that heating oil is one of the most expensive methods to heat your home. However, this is not always true. What is true is that oil prices continually fluctuate. One day can mean high prices; other days, you can buy oil at really bargain prices. The best approach to keeping costs low is one that many heating oil users follow. They buy in bulk when the prices are low and use it when they are rising.

Is it Safe for the Environment?

The words oil and environment friendly do not seem to go together well. But you might be surprised to know that oil boilers produce much less carbon dioxide than traditional gas systems. If a neighborhood can come together and order oil together, that will help reduce emissions from the tanker. If you are looking to buy oil at competitive prices, we at E-Z Oil offer same-day delivery and full service for repeat clients. We have been in the oil business since 1989 and know and understand oil much better than our competitors. Call 860-645-3758 today and speak with one of our expert heating professionals.

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