The seller shall not be responsible for failure to deliver the fuel because of fuel shortages, scarcity of labor, Railroad delays, embargoes, strikes, riots, accidents, orders, acts or regulations of any government authority or other causes beyond Sellers control.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT POLICY…Your monthly budget payment will be charged to your card on file with e-zoil once a month. Any balance not paid will be assessed a FINANCE CHARGE computed at a periodic (Monthly) rate of 1 1/2%. (Annual percentage rate 18%).

All Budget Plans begin with an initial paid fill. If the customer takes advantage of special sale pricing on the initial fill a $100.00 deposit is taken and will be fully refunded  after 750 additional gallons are purchased. Thereafter all deliveries will be fill ups. Budget payment plans are subject to change in the season should oil usage or fluctuating price exceed the amount of budget plan.

E-Z oil inc. will not be responsible for oil run-outs on an account with an outstanding balance due or Budget Payments not made current by the buyer.

The seller shall not be responsible for failure to deliver if payments are not kept current on a monthly basis.If other heat source is used by buyer such as pellet stove, wood stove, propane stove etc. then it is buyers responsibility to notify seller when oil is needed.

All Budget Payments are due on the first or fifteenth of every month, as chosen by the customer for a total period of 12 months. BUDGET PAYMENTS BEGIN BETWEEN MARCH 1 AND JULY 15.

This Auto-Budget Agreement will be renewed annually unless terminated/canceled in writing by the customer or E-Z Oil Inc. Budget payments and/or method of payment subject to change upon renewal.

Everything that I have stated in this application is correct, to the best of my knowledge.